ClubMusic Template For DLE

ClubMusic Template For DLE

CLUBMUSIC Template     DownLoad
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Dispatch - Add-On for the MimboPro Wordpress Theme

Dispatch - Add-On for the MimboPro Wordpress Theme

An attractive add-on for the Mimbo Pro theme, geared toward writers and independent journalists who want lean-and-mean design with powerful editing capabilities.


    copywriting,ad writing,sales letters,copywriter

Filmo Turkish DLE TEMPLATE

    article submission,article submission service,

Bluefolio Blogger Template for Blogspot

Bluefolio Blogger Template for Blogspot

Bluefolio Blogger Template for Blogspot

    online research,marketing,surveys,advertising

Glossword - Joomla Multilingual Dictionary

Glossword - Joomla Multilingual Dictionary

is a system to create and publish online multilingual dictionary, glossary, or encyclopedia. Suits for creating web sites also. WAMP [Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP] package is available.

Basic features

* Adding terms to dictionary by several people at the same time.
* UTF-8 encoding. More than 400 languages can be used in a one dictionary at the same time.
* Special mode for SEF links and other SEO enhancements.
* Fast search engine can search cross words typed in any language, including Chinese.
* Indexing and searching through millions of definitions.
* Advanced search capabilities, stop words, query language.
* Query words highlighting in the search results.
* Support for a true transcription (e.g. 'dikʃ(ə)nri, IPA standard). No self-made emulations needed.
* Defining accents for words (e.g. fábrika).
* Printer-friendly version for a term.
* Architecture is optimized for creating multiple dictionaries with one installation.
* Multifunctional feedback form with CAPTCHA.
* The ultimate guarantee of displaying webpages in any browser due to certified W3C XHTML 1.1 code and CSS 2.1 compliance.
* Glossword is free of charge and distributed under GPL license.

For authors and editors

* Installation wizard. Installs, updates and even uninstalls the software.
* The history of editing for terms.
* Delayed postings.
* Virtual keyboards.
* Customizable alphabetic sorting.
* Customizable visual themes with HTML-templates, CSS style sheets and additional multicolumn rendering mode for the list of terms.
* Automatically generated alphabetical index for dictionary.
* Export/Import dictionaries in XML and CSV format.

For administrators

* Configurable 2-level cache engine improves productivity for an HTML-output.
* Invisible links to e-mails against mail robots.
* Internal logging system.
* Built-in maintenance tasks.
* Every comprehensive task such as recounting the number of added terms per user, runs separately and it helps to balance server load.

    customer service training,customer service

Trily Blogger Template for Blogspot

Trily Blogger Template for Blogspot

Trily Blogger Template for Blogspot

    stay at home jobs

Perogato Blogger Template for Blogspot

Perogato Blogger Template for Blogspot

Perogato Blogger Template for Blogspot

    successful small business,business action plan,bay area business consultant

Red Carpet Pro - Wordpress Theme

Here is a new copy of Red Carpet theme for wordpress. It will come with everything. like PSD files, control panel and more.
Red Carpet Pro - Wordpress Theme


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Naptor.com Movie Clone

Naptor.com Movie Clone

This amazing new movies script of naptor.com clone its awsome new and comes with 12,000 movie database

    MiRRoR 1
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TomatoCart v1.0 Stable: E-Commerce CMS

http://tinyurl.com/zcdlre Car News     Auto Blog
Automotive News     Webmaster Blog
Webmaster News     MiRRoR 5 poster,printing,online,digital



Portfolious is the profesional looking html theme for, well anyone!


* Custom Layouts for categories and pages
* Styled Blog and Portfolio Items
* Sliding, animated sections
1. Animated Homepage teaser
2. Animated Homepage Blog Posts
3. Animated Twitter and Testimonials widget layouts
4. Animated Portfolio item quick nav display
* Styled Contact Page
* 6 pages of well organized psd Link [MegaUpload]    

96 Display HTML and PHP

96 Display HTML and PHP
96 Display

96 Display is a really modern website template. It can be used for any kind of site. Portfolio, personal, corporate, software, IPhone App?. Really easy to edit.

What you get ?

This theme is truly jam packed with all kinds of features. Check out the list below!

* 8 Modern Color Schemes
* Valid XHTML 1 .0 Strict
* Valid CSS 2 .1
* Work on majors browsers (Safari, Firefox, IE 7 , IE 8, Opéra, Camino ? MAC and PC)
* Homepage Fader Image
* jQuery slider (JFlow on all the pages)
* Google Map integration
* Cufon font replacement (Font used Bebas)
* Functional PHP Email Form
* Captcha system (5 + 2 = ?)
* Various Page Templates and Layouts
* Blog Styling
* Nice pagination
* Portfolio page
* Portfolio Item page
* Multi background choice
* Config file to edit variables of theme (in PHP version)

Download     MiRRoR
    new marketing promotional ideas,marketing,ideas

phpBB 3.0.4 premodded by GTW

i need some graphic designers and some testing staff for scripts those who are intrested can email or pm me other thing is support is totally free so visit the support url and ask the solutions of your problems.

i am looking for branch owners from every country for orgnize things those who are intrested can email or pm me.


Modded lists:

1. Simple Topic Description - Adds a topic description to your post.

2. Avatar True Resize - Upload a large image for your avatar and it's reduced to the size selected within the ACP.

3. ACP Add User - As it says. Should have been included by default.

4. Image resizer - lightbox - reduces large images to a selected size in the ACP.

5. Primes Quick Reply - controlled in ACP

6. Categorize Announcements Stickies - By default, these all stay in the same category. This mod changes that.

7. Primes Anti-Bot - excellent add on for keeping out auto bots. You can disable the captcha image with this installed.

8. Post Instant Redirect - no more waiting after a post.

9. Topic in "Who is online" - shows the topic being viewed in who's online.

10. Primes Links - Open external links in a new window. Internal links, same window.

11. Mark Edited Post as Unread - Editing the last post of topic shows as a new post.

12. Change Users Post Count

13. Forum Title Color. Not the category, just the forums name is able to change color. Take a look at the boards index page to see this in action..

14. Forced Login - Force users to login to see the index page or topic/forums etc. Can also be done with group permissions. This MOD makes it much easier to control guest viewing.

15. ACP Announcement Center - Adds announcements to your site. You see it near the top of the forum.



    home business career,turnkey internet business,internet home business




* jQuery graphic slider
* Mini Slide
* Clean Design
* About Page
* Portfolio page
* Blog page
* Blog Read (Single) page
* Contact page
* Featured News and Business News On Home Page
* Easy Portfolio Management
* HTML version included
* PSD files included
* Well Documented
* IE7 + Compatible


* Red
* Black
* Blue
* Pink
* Purple
* Brown
* Green
* Yellow


* 2 Home Page ? Index Layouts
* 2 Portfolio Page Layouts
* 2 About Page Layouts
* 1 Blog Page
* 1 Blog Read ? Single Page

Shop set and Box Set ? Click! Link [MegaUpload]    

Path Finder

Path Finder

Pathfinder is a one page and a keyboard navigation driven template. This template is unique from other because it has a life stream section that displays all the recent social activities. The Form is ready to use and functional


Style Options

* Default Style
* Wood Style
* Bokeh Style


* Conform to W3C Standard
* Table-less Layout
* Life Stream ( Displays Recent Social Activities )
* Keyboard navigation
* Working in IE7 , IE8, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera
* Looped Slider ( Slideshow Featured on front page )
* Cycle ( Slideshow Portfolio)
* 3 Style of Layout
* Jquery Light box (PrettyPhoto)
* 3 PSDs included
* 1 PDF Help File
* Functional Contact Form
* Lightweight File
* Easy to customize Link [MegaUpload]    
    business,business growth,customer satisfaction,innovation,entrepreneur


Agivee - Corporate Business Template

Agive HTML Template, a template is suitable for your company website, looks more elegant and simple to make your image company is professional.


* Valid XHTML
* 3 variations Homepage
* Simple & Professional look
* Fully working contact form

What you get:

* 12 html pages
* 7 layered PSD Files
* Help file
* Working contact form
* CSS files
* JS files


    career enhancement,career enhancement tools

Script front page online

Script front page online
just upload the script
not needed MySQL Databases



pass to unzip

enjoy 2010    

5 latest Wordpress themes from ThemeForest 7/6/2010

5 latest Wordpress themes from ThemeForest 7/6/2010

I'm in a good mood so I thought I might share this nice and cool themes from Themeforest. If you use them, like them and make money on them, donate to the developers so they can continue their amazing job, just my 5 cents

1. Mammoth


2. PureCorp


3. Sparta

4. Flowhub


5. BigFeature


download now all the themes

or here

or here
Download     MiRRoR 1
MiRRoR 2    
    is \"made in the usa\" destined to be a thing of the past?

RokStories v1.7

RokStories v1.7
RokStories v1.7 ? RocketTheme Extension to Display Your Articles

Easy to Use Dynamic Featured ContentRokStories is a great module to display your articles and accompanying images as a featured item. The module itself is facilitated by Mootools to transition between images and articles seamlessly. Perfect for showcasing featured articles or image on your site.

RokStories provides a vast assortment of configuration options and parameters to give you more control over how your dynamic content is displayed as well as providing a lightweight and fast loading experience.


    resale rights,make money resale rights

RokPad v1.2

RokPad v1.2
RokPad v1.2 ? RocketTheme Extension for Editing Joomla Content

Writing Joomla! Content never been this easy

RokPad was devised as a tool to provide an easy and elegant interface for editing Joomla content, to make it a pleasure, not a chore. Advanced functions such as an Ajax saving action, plus shortcut keys, are some of the incredible time saving features.

RokPad is perfect for anyone who prefers to avoid the WYSIWYG editors but still craves the richness of a code editor.



OpenCart Electronics Template

OpenCart Electronics Template
OpenCart Electronics Template

This is an elegant template for electronics and related products. Clean color and balanced location of elements make this template perfect for wide range of other products. By purchasing this template, you will get: Template PHP files in proper directories, javascript files (if applicable), Optimized design image files for the template, Step by Step installation guide, Photoshop 8.0+ source file(s) with original graphics design, and Free Clip Art Library.


    industrial,workplace safety,costs,benefits


Korporate - Business and Corporate
Korporate is a premium quality theme made by a professional web designer. This theme has many features and it suits for multiple uses. Customizing theme theme is easy even for beginners!

Main Features

* Super-easy customizing! Customizing is easy for beginners.
* Changing the color theme is simple Includes 6 ready-made color themes, which can be changed in a couple of seconds. And it?s extremely easy to make your own color theme!
* jQuery slider with multiple effects Comes with the awesome Nivo Slider with 9 possible transition effects.
* Drop-down menu Beautiful mega drop-down menu with a possibility to use icons and descriptions.
* Multiple unique page templates Templates for promoting services or products, portfolio, blog, contact page?
* Enhanced with jQuery and CSS3 jQuery slider, tooltips, hover effects, lightbox? Rounded corners and text-shadows.
* Cufón font replacement Headers using the beautiful Liberation Sans font.
* Contact form with validation Comes with a fully working contact form.


    safety,health,health safety,program,employees

Intersect ? ThemeForest WordPress Theme

Intersect ? ThemeForest WordPress Theme

Intersect is a bold, striking WordPress theme and HTML template with various layouts, colors and easy to setup. This theme is ready to get a site up an running out of the box. It is easy to customize and is configured for fast skinning.
Includes 8 different skins, each with a unique custom background. The PSD files includes a backgrounds file allowing you to create your own combination of any color with any background, or make your own in minutes.
Changing skins is easily controled from the custom admin panel. The theme includes a custom theme options control in the admin area with everything you will need to customize your site.

download     MiRRoR 1
MiRRoR 2    
    interim management,interim manager,interim managers,

ConceptX v1.1 ? ThemeForest Powerfull WordPress Theme

ConceptX v1.1 ? ThemeForest Powerfull WordPress Theme

This theme is, with it?s vast amount of style- and layout options, suitable for almost any purpose, creative or corporate. The theme has an unlimited amount of colors as you can add background- and link colors via color hex codes in the admin. 15 preset color schemes are included, but the possibilities are unlimited.
The theme also has 15 seamless background patterns included, that you can easily configure through the admin panel. You can also insert a custom background through the admin.

download     MiRRoR 1
MiRRoR 2    
    heavy equipment,heavy construction,construction equipment

JV Lago

JV Lago
JV Lago - The first joomla real estate template

During the demand of JoomlaVision.com community, we decide to develop a template for properties and real estate section. This time, we pick up the good and easy to use component, SOBI2. And finally, JV Lago has been released. With many included modules in the package, this will be a handy set for any site that currently or will be running sobi2.


* Professional Joomla! template with SOBI2 support
* JV Sobi2 Tools: Slideshow your Sobi2 items in multiple effects and types
* JV Sobi2 Search: Enable you searching for Sobi2 items with many filters
* JV Corner Banner: Display your ad in different position of your viewport.
* JV Title Flash: Flash your hot news title with fading effect.
* JV Tabs: Display your content or modules in tabs with professional and flexible setting in backend
* 3 color schemes can be set or selected from both backend and frontend
* Adjustable font size from template tools or in backend
* 100% Tableless design. 100% CSS/DIV compliance.
* Joomla 1.5.x native
* Well-comment CSS and PHP code files
* Tutorial + Detailed userguide
* Cross Browser Support (IE 7+, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera 9+)

    wedding panning,wedding photographers,marketing,wedding organization,wedding album,wedding photos,wedding coordinators

Adminus v1.4 - admin theme - Themeforest RIP

Adminus v1.4 - admin theme - Themeforest RIP

* Valid code
* Liquid layout
* Cross-browser compatible
* Unobtrusive jQuery powered effects
* Implemented WYSIWYG editor
* Beautiful, customizable graphs
* Easy tabs on any block
* Dropdown menus, 4 level deep
* Super cool image management mini menus
* Date picker
* Custom select form element
* Fancy modal boxes
* Stylish notifications with nice fade in and fade out effect
* Image preloading
* Custom font with @font-face

DEMO: http://enstyled.com/adminus/original/
Rapidshare     Hotfile
    selling skills

AlstraSoft Forum Pay Per Post Exchange

Struggling to find a niche internet business? Tired of running those generic "Get Paid To" sites? Look no further with AlstraSoft newest Forum Pay Per Post Exchange software - The ONLY unique Get Paid To Post Forum exchange software!

What exactly is Forum Pay Per Post Exchange?

The idea behind Forum Pay Per Post Exchange is similar to the Get Paid To (Surf or Read Emails) sites with a twist. If you understand the concept of running a web site that allows users to get paid for "doing something online", Forum Pay Per Post Exchange is our latest Get Paid To script that allows your users to get paid to post on forums. To find out more on how it works and how you as the site owner can make constant stream of revenues month after month, please check the details below.

Why will Forum Pay Per Post Exchange be a HIT?

Sites that offers "get paid to surf" or "get paid to read emails" are way over saturated with many competing sites that offer such programs.

Forum Pay Per Post Exchange is targeted at forum owners who wish to increase their forum posts or forum traffic. This is ideal for site owners who run their online forums such as social networking sites, independent forum sites or any community or portals with a forum.

AlstraSoft taps into the growing market of social networking or community/portal sites (that have their own forums) and merges the concept of "Get Paid To" business model, allowing your users to get paid to post on forums at their favorite sites and thus eliminating the potential problems of the existing Get Paid To Websites that your users will hate and ensure complete privacy. The following are some of the existing "Get Paid To" websites with issues that still exist now which Forum Pay Per Post Exchange software effectively eliminates:

Why users will hate them?

Paid To Read
Do we still need any more spam emails everyday?
Paid To Click Random surfing and clicking of uninteresting websites and that's not all, users can easily cheat the system with click bots (Great for your users but be prepared to run a site with no advertisers)
Paid to Signup (offers/surveys) Privacy issues and some offers will need the disclosure of the users credit card information
Paid to Post (PayPerPost.com, ReviewMe.com) Limited to users who have their own blogs and advertisers might have a run for their money if bloggers do not give a positive review of their websites

Forum Pay Per Post Exchange is an unique internet business model offering your members Get Paid To Post on forums that we guarantee that there are no such sites offering a fully fledge forum pay per post exchange system with the release of our first version.

Take this golden opportunity now to run your very own niche get paid to post on forums program and earn more revenues for your site now! Click here to place your order at a special price of $175 for a limited time offer.

How does Forum Pay Per Post Exchange work for my members?

Forum Pay Per Post Exchange is a system that allows forum (or site) owners to list their forum on the directory offering forum posters to get paid for posting on their forums.

For forum owners:

They get quality posts rapidly and pay only if they are satisfied or if the forum posts made are within the guildlines. Forum Pay Per Post Exchange is the fastest way of forum boosting for increasing forum post and traffic, the ideal forum promotion service.

For forum posters:
They get to earn cash for posting in various forums. Forum posters can select from a wide variety of forums or forums that met their interest. They can also earn cash for submitting articles.
1. Forum owner creates a new forum campaign specifying the amount of posts needed, forum category, guildlines and the payout per post for forum posters. Forum owner will be charged an admin fee based on the total cost of the forum campaign.
2. Forum posters will then browse on the directory and select the forums that interest them and begin posting on these forums. They will then proceed to claim the credit by entering their forum username and the number of post made.
3. Forum owner will receive notification in their account and then access his forum website to verify the forum username and the post made (as well as checking that the post made are within the guild lines such as post date, content of the post etc..). Forum owner can then approve or decline the claims made by forum posters
4. Forum poster will then be credited once the claim is approved or declined (decline reasons will be specified by forum owner)
5. Forum Pay Per Post Exchange is a 100% automated system that requires little administration. This is ideal if you wish to start your own web business offering pay per forum post exchange service and do not wish to spend lots of time operating this website.

How will I make money from this software?

There are 2 ways you can earn money running our Forum Pay Per Post Exchange on your site


A fee is charged to forum owners when they create a new forum campaign

Forum Pay Per Post Exchange is also integrated with Google Adsense which you can earn revenues for displaying your Google Ads (or ads from other networks)

Click here to order Forum Pay Per Post Exchange software now!


General User-End Features

* Message Board
* Referral Program - Users will be able to earn commission for their referrals' earnings. Users can view the total number of referrals and the individual referral username and earnings made from the referral
* Forum Directory- Forum campaigns created by forum owner will be listed in the directory by forum categories and forum posters will have the ability to perform searching to search for forums they wish to post
* Article Directory - This directory will display the user-contributed articles listed by article category
* Member registration
* Password forget function
* Online feedback form
* Ability to edit user profile
* Ability to submit articles into the article directory (users will be able to get paid for each approved article submission)

Forum Owner Features

* Ability to deposit funds into account by Paypal
* Campaign Management
o Ability to add new forum campaign by specifying forum URL, forum category, total post needed, payout per post, max post per user, forum post guildlines
o View forum campaign listings by All/Active/Deleted
o Ability to edit/delete active campaigns

Forum Poster Features

* Ability to browse forum directory and make a claim on the forum campaign by entering the number of post made and the username on that forum
* User can request to withdraw funds
* Claims
o View listings by All/Approved/Pending/Declined
o Ability to view the number of post and earnings made for each forum campaign as well as the status which it is approved, pending or declined. Declined claims will display the reason made by forum poster

Admin Features

* View site stats
* Ability to change admin user/pass
* Paypal payment to forum posters who requested for cash withdrawal
* Cheat Control - display user accounts with same IP
* Admin has ability to manual credit/debit user funds
* Ability to mass email all users (integrated WYSIWYG editor)
* View top referrals
* Article Management
o Ability to add/edit/delete article category and sub-category
o Ability to approve pending articles submitted by users
o Ability to view/delete articles
* Forum Campaign Management
o Ability to add/edit/delete forum category
o Ability view and search forum campaigns
o Ability to delete forum campaigns (option to delete forum campaigns with refund made to forum poster )
* Claims Management
o Ability to view/edit/delete/search users
o Ability to sort user listings by funds or registration date
o Ability to send email to individual user
* User Management
o Ability to add/edit/delete category
o Ability view/edit/delete message board post and topics
* Message Board Management
o Ability to add/edit/delete category
o Ability view/edit/delete message board post and topics


MySQL (version 4/5 or higher)
PHP (version 4.2.3/5 or higher) Download    

Blossomsoft Template

Blossomsoft Template
Blossomsoft - HTML / CSS / Jquery

BlossomSoft Template combines both functionality with nice laid out design. Featuring the latest CSS3 trends (Don?t worry fellows, if your browser doesn?t support CSS3 you?ll have no problems whatsoever) with a clean, organized and functional design, BlossomSoft brings all you need in one piece of work. Corporate based, this theme can also be used easily as a portfolio template as it comes ready with many features such as AJAX Contact form and FancyBox Ready.

So if you need a clean, nicely done and functional template design, stick with BlossomSoft!

    network marketing,home based business,business opportunity,money,freedom,sales,making money,entrepeneure,business,success,sales system,prospects,turn-key sales opportunity,opportunity

JD Gotham Full Pack

JD Gotham Full Pack


First in SOBI2 Series of templates by JoomlaDesign!

An overview of key features of this template are as follow:

* Tableless design and 100% css based.
* 2 variations theme style (Dark ? Light)
* 3 background variations for each theme.
* Disable option for main body appearance on front page.
* Scalable font size control.
* Compressed engine option for each modules.
* Support for language translation.
* 2 layout options: 2 columns (right + component) and 1 column (component).
* All 26 modules are fully collapsible.
* 6 Modules variations layout built in.
* Impressive built-in content style.
* 34 different styles moomenu animation effects.
* Speed menu animation option
* Optional IE6 Warning / Upgrade Notification
* Lightweight, modern and very fast-loading design
* Joomla 1.5 Native
* Loaded with SOBI2 template
* Delivered with "QuickStart Package" Download    
    small business,insurance claims,insurance discounts,business insurance discounts,small business forums,safety,health and safety

BesTop.ro clone

Salut, te invitam pe un nou Top in care votezi si comentezi Trackerele favorite @ forum unde ceri si oferi invitatii !' oldies but godies'.
Fa-ti cont aici: http://bestop.ro/ Enjoy !

BesTop.ro clone     Download

Script for server to server transfer

Needed to transfer alot of files and my ISP sucks regarding upload speed.
So, i find this small PHP script, work like a charm for me.

Jazarsoft Server to Server Transfer 2
Version: 2.1
Last Update: 11/25/2003 11:38PM
Server to Server Transfer 2 or SST is a PHP class that can be used to move
a file from a server to another.
The moving process occurs by using HTTP protocol (by GET request), after the
data is requested, it will be saved in the local komputer. So to use the SST,
you have to install the script in the target computer where the file will be
The computer where this script will be installed, should meet this requirements:
1. Using Linux/Windows
2. Have PHP Interpreter version 4 or higher
3. PHP was set to allow Remote File Access
(setting "allow_url_fopen" = true)
1. Copy sst.php, downloader.php and script.inc.php to desired directory
2. Call sst.php using your browser.
1. The maximum size of file that will be moved is 5*1048576 (5MB)
(edit by Arbait - go to line 155 of downloader.php and edit maxsize=1048576*5)
2. SST 2 now works with "redirection" URL.
3. SST 2 now works with password protected URL.     MiRRoR 1
    answering service,phone answering service,live answering service,internet answering service

All VIP Content for Designers From GrafPedia.com

All VIP Content for Designers From GrafPedia.com

All VIP Content for Designers From GrafPedia.com | 1.88 GB


# 83 Tutorials, most on web design a few drawings
# 29 Photoshop brush packs
# 3 sets of Photoshop gradients
# 91 sets of Icons and Vectors
# 4 sets of Photoshop layer styles
# 5 sets of Photoshop actions
# 5 sets of patterns
# 13 sets of Stock Photos and Textures
# 1 set of Illustrator swatches

Grafpedia provides a lot of content primarily for web designers. They have quite a few tutorials on building web layouts in Photoshop, as well as resources such as icons, vectors and Photoshop brushes. All source files and resources need a paid VIP account in order to download. The tutorials also require VIP access to download the source PSDs.
This torrent includes all content as of February 10, 2010 6:50 EST. Here is a list of what is included for those who have not browsed their site:

# 83 Tutorials, most on web design a few drawings
# 29 Photoshop brush packs
# 3 sets of Photoshop gradients
# 91 sets of Icons and Vectors
# 4 sets of Photoshop layer styles
# 5 sets of Photoshop actions
# 5 sets of patterns
# 13 sets of Stock Photos and Textures
# 1 set of Illustrator swatches

Everything is dated as on the site. All tutorials have been included in PDF format and a preview JPEG showing the final result. For those tutorials that include extras such as free background textures or links to external images I have included them for convenience. All folders have folder.jpg thumbnails for easy identification.

Download :


1 Part :

Password :
    free articles submission.

Minimalistic - Themeforest Template

Minimalistic - Themeforest Template

Minimalistic is a simple, minimalistic (obviously) portfolio or business theme. It has the flexibility
to be either a 1 page website or as many as you need if you don?t want the sliding pages.
Features include:
Valid XHTML and CSS
2 Font Styles ? Sans Serif or Serif
Animation Effects:
jTabber ? Sliding pages
jQuery Cycle Plugin ? Homepage display
jQuery prettyPhoto Plugin ? Smooth image popups
jQuery Form Plugin
Browser Compatibility ? IE6 , IE7, Firefox, Safari, and Opera
Ajax Contact Form!
2 PSD Files Included
Help File
1 Page Sans Serif Fonts
1 Page Serif Fonts
Multiple Pages (No Dynamic Loading)






    data entry,data entry jobs,online data entry,online data entry jobs,freelance,freelance jobs,freelance work,work from home,work at home,online jobs,home based business,part time online job

Car tuning Flash Template

Car tuning Flash Template
Flash Web Template |3 Template | FLA | XML | SWF | Fonts | 84.22 mb

    online money making,internet marketing,make money online,free report

Mp3 Search Engine V5.4b

Mp3 Search Engine V5.4b

e-fisierul.hi2.ro - upload files free    
    markets,hidden markets,customers

Visual Core HTML Template


    e-fisierul.hi2.ro upload files free
    tutoring,tutoring business,tutor,how to start a tutoring business


New adsense theme for wordpress 3.0 not released yet!

Adsense optimized theme for wordpress 3.0 (included in archive)

    electronic signatures,digital signatures,ufoc,ifa,e-ufoc,eufoc,electronic ufoc,ftc ufoc electronic,privasign,international franchise association,federal trade commission

Online futbool game clone - butsa.ru

Online futbool game clone - butsa.ru

Online futbool game clone - butsa.ru

.rar file size ~400 Mb (lot of site pictures)     MiRRoR Letitbit
MiRRoR Turbobit    
    postcards printing,commercial postcard printing,color postcards printing,rush postcards printing

Phone File Upload and File Hosting Script (HOT) !!

Phone File Upload and File Hosting Script (HOT) !!

The script comes with the design shown on the demo site Free wap hosting for different file types. Put ringtones, wallpapers, themes, etc. on your phone for free. Admin can delete files after N days on the server.
How To Use Wap-pal :
1- upload the file you want in the main page
2- click on Send File
3- you will get an ID for your file
4- open wap browser in your mobile phone and write the url of the site http://off2.net/6cxDJ

5- enter the ID and download the file.

    MiRRoR 1
MiRRoR 2     MiRRoR 3
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LV Image Zoomer: Free Image Zoom Joomla Module

LV Image Zoomer is a joomla module to commercial image zoom products such as Magic Zoom. Compared to the popular jQZoom plugin, LV Image Zoomer is smaller, has more features and more robust compatability across browsers.


* Tested in IE6, IE7, IE8, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari
* Many Module Parameters
* 10 zoomable images per module
* if no javascript is enabled in any browser there will be a link to the large photo
* iamges loadable from other servers (adapt the url)
* editable width and height of the zoom window
* Preloader on / off finctions
* Title of the Image on / off function
* Valid XHTML

Download LV Image Zoomer: Free Image Zoom Joomla Module
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XtrafileV2 Beta 4 FileHosting Script!

XtraUpload v2 Beta 4 is a turn-key PHP application for setting up a file hosting enviroment. It automates the uploading and downloading of files shared by your users and is extremely customizable. It is built on the CodeIgniter PHP Framework and is compatable with a large majority of web server configurations. XtraUpload has support for multiple user groups, premium users with unlimited tiers, multiple file upload, password protected file links, file folders, image galleries, automatic image processing, loads of configuration options, skins, plugins, and so much more. Don't waste your time and money dealing with a compeditors product, XtraUpload is FREE(Modified Apache 2.0 License, open source) and very stable. The latest beta of v2 was downloaded 80k+ times in 3 months, see what everyone else is talking about!
Minimum System Requirements

* Web Server Connected to the internet(pretty standard, check out Linode.com for some great and cheap VPS servers)
* PHP v5.2.x
* MySQL v4.1+ (MySQL 5.0.x recomended)
* 12mb of free disk space (plus space to store uploaded files)
* Apache 1.3+ (Apache v2.2.x or Nginx 0.7.x recomended)

Optional Feature Requirements

* mod_rewrite support for your webserver(apache config file included)
* GD-PHP v2+
* Freetype v2
* JPEG, PNG support in GD





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SE4 Beta 3 GTW Pack

i need some graphic designers and some testing staff for scripts those who are intrested can email or pm me other thing is support is totally free so visit the support url and ask the solutions of your problems.

i am looking for branch owners from every country for orgnize things those who are intrested can email or pm me.






3D Statuette Social Bookmarking Icons

3D Statuette Social Bookmarking Icons

This is a set of 3D social bookmarking icons that are placed over a platform like statuettes.

They come in a pretty big size (435*424px) which can be scaled to a custom size preferred and the format is transparent PNG.

Icons in the set are: Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, WordPress, Picasa, RSS, Yahoo and Yelp.




Download Rapidshare     Ziddu

Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

The cheat sheet is a mousepad-sized image featuring a typical PC keyboard. Photoshop?s keyboard shortcuts are listed for each key, with the shortcut and its icon printed on the individual key. In red is the shortcut you will get by hitting the key in combination with the Ctrl key. For example, typing "t" in Photoshop will activate the Type tool, while typing Ctrl+t will allow you to use the Transformation tool. Additional shortcuts requiring more than two keys are listed as well. Details and Download Here    
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UniFolio Themeforest

UniFolio Website Template is a clean looking website with light weight code best suited for all type of Portfolio, show cases, Photographer website, celebrities and business websites

It comes with 6 skins along with complete dark color, other colors you can create within seconds by just adding colors in css file.


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wp-simpy premium template

Latest version : 1.01
Theme Demo :

Theme Features: Valid CSS, Fast, Adsense ready, 2 column, Widgetised sidebar and footer, magazine style, seo friendly. Download    
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Heart : A soical Icons set

[left]A set of 22 social icons in .png and in resolutions 16×16, 32×32, 64×64. This set was designed by Aravind Ajith, the creator of TheDesignSuperHero.com, especially for Smashing Magazine and its readers!

Heart : A soical Icons set


Ziddu (No premuim Free download for all! not time limit)

Rapidshare     Ziddu
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Innovate busineplate

[center][img]http://www.9s2cu.com     MiRRoR 1
MiRRoR 2    
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deCasa - ThemeShift WordPress Theme

deCasa - ThemeShift WordPress Theme

deCasa is a light and elegant real estate theme. A lot of handy features like a search panel, multi-agent support and a professional property exposée let you easily setup your real estate website.

download     MiRRoR 1
MiRRoR 2    
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ImageVue v1.7 - Amazing Flash Gallery Creator

Imagevue is an online gallery for viewing images in a good-looking, yet functional layout. It is easy to setup - and to update your gallery with new images, you only have to upload them to your server. Everything else is automatic.

Imagevue v1.7 has some new amazing features.
It uses PHP so you can edit the galleries online without any prior knowledge of Flash or HTML.

# Simply create folders and upload your images
# Automatic thumbnails created on server
# ImageVue gallery can be loaded into other Flash presentations as subitems.
# Add descriptions to any image with the admin
# Altering the visual appearance, changing text attributes, colors and effect styles can all be done in the configuration file config.xml.
# All sourcefiles are included
# No limit on amount of images rapidshare.com     home page / Demo
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eVid elegantthemes premuim wordpress last updat 1-6-2010

eVid elegantthemes premuim wordpress last updat 1-6-2010


full features list

* Opera compatible
* Netscape compatible
* Safari compatible
* Wordpress 2.9 compatible
* Two unique color schemes
* Social bookmarking ready
* Featured Articles
* Gravatar ready
* Firefox compatible
* IE7 + IE6 compatible
* Advertisement Ready
* Widget ready sidebars
* Theme Option Pages
* Custom thumbnail images
* PSD files
* Valid XHTML + CSS
* Smooth tabless design

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Google Pacman Rip

Google Pacman Rip

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A selection of templates from RocketTheme Joomla and Wordpress

A selection of templates from RocketTheme Joomla and Wordpress

A selection of templates from RocketTheme Joomla and Wordpress | 943 Mb
Description:Selected materials from RocketTheme Templates and expanding Joomla, templates phpbb and Wordpress

Description:Selected materials from RocketTheme Templates and expanding Joomla, templates phpbb and Wordpress
Year: 2009
Language: English only
Tabletka: Not required

Attention! Torrent file changed. Please decant it. I apologize for the inconvenience.
Be careful! The distribution of the templates for Joomla, Wordpress and phpbb have the same name. Download a template for the system that you need.

In this file contains:
Dominion - January 2010 Joomla Template
Quasar - RocketTheme Joomla Template
RokNavMenu - RocketTheme Extensions
Affinity - RocketTheme WordPress Theme
Reaction - January 2010 PHPBB3 Style
Dominion - February 2010 phpBB3 Style
SolarSentinel - RocketTheme WordPress Theme
Mynxx - RocketTheme WordPress Theme
Meridian - RocketTheme WordPress Theme
Akiraka - RocketTheme WordPress Theme
Replicant v2 - RocketTheme WordPress Theme
Reaction - December 2009 Joomla Template
Mixxmag - RocketTheme WordPress Theme
Infuse - November 2009 phpBB3 Style
Afterburner - RocketTheme WordPress Theme
Infuse - October 2009 Joomla Template
Moxy - October 2009 phpBB3 Style
Nexus v1.5.3 update - RocketTheme Template
Refraction - June 2009 Bonus phpBB3 Style
Moxy - September 2009 Joomla Template
Afterburner - August 2009 Joomla Template
Vertigo - December 2008 RocketTheme phpBB3 Style
Affinity - June 2009 Bonus phpBB3 Style
Refraction - June 2009 Joomla Template
SolarSentinel - May 2009 Joomla Template
Mynxx - April 2009 Joomla Template
Meridian - March 2009 Joomla Template
Akiraka Essentials - Akiraka Mod Joomla Template
Mixxmag - February 2009 phpBB3 Style
Akiraka - February 2009 Joomla Template
Versatility 4 - November 2008 Joomla Template
Vertigo - December 2008 Joomla Template
Mixxmag - January 2009 Joomla Template
MediaMogul Essentials - RocketLabs Template
MetaMorph v2 - October 08 Bonus Joomla Templates
Replicant v2 - October 08 Joomla Templates
Perihelion - August 2008 phpBB3 Style
MetaMorph - September 08 Joomla Templates
TerranTribune Dark - July 08 Bonus Joomla Templates
Perihelion - August 08 Joomla Templates
TerranTribune - July 08 Joomla Templates
Hyperion - June 08 Joomla Templates
Catalyst - May 08 Joomla Templates
Chromatophore - Apr 08 Joomla Templates
Synapse - Mar 08 Joomla Templates
HiveMind - Feb 08 Joomla Templates
Novus - RT Free Joomla Template
Populus - Dec 07 Joomla Templates
Dimensions WoW
Dimensions EvE Online
Dimensions Call of Duty4
Dimensions Light
Dimensions - Nov 07 Joomla Templates
Equinox - Oct 07 Joomla Templates
Firenzie - Sep 07 Joomla Templates
Simplix - Aug 07 Joomla Templates
Sporticus v2 - Jan07 Joomla Templates
Iridium - November 2009 Joomla Template
Versatility III - May 07 Joomla Templates
Elemental - Joomla 1.5 Template
BentoBox Dark - Mar 07 Joomla Templates



password: www.deespnet.com

vBStyles Aria [3.8.1]

vBStyles Aria [3.8.1]



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Blueleather WP Theme

Blueleather WP Theme

Wordpress Theme based on Blueleather site template.

CMS functionality
Widget ready
JQuery Slider for featured projects
Easy featured projects setup using custom fields
Easy general setup Download - Blueleather WP Theme    
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EasyAjax Form

EasyAjax Form

Easy Ajax Form turns boring, static HTML forms into dynamic web components by adding validation and Ajax capability. You write zero lines of javascript.

You have now created a form field that will be validated as required and email!
In addition to customizing validation for each field, you can also choose to turn off validation or Ajax capabilities for the entire form without writing any javascript.
If you write clean, compliant HTML but don?t like messing around with javascript (or you just want to save some time) this file is for you!

Version 5.5 Ready for Download!
- New version includes:
- Simple CAPTCHA human checker by popular demand!
- Several small bug fixes.


- Fully customizable.
- Easily ?Modernize? existing forms by linking in this script.
- Comes with a Quick Reference Guide.
- Full online documentation to guide novices and pros alike.
- You create and design your forms as you see fit. EasyAjax_Form will work around your designs.
- W3C compliant.
- Cross browser compliant.
- The javascript file is compliant with best practices and easily modified.
- This javascript component sits on top of the powerful jQuery library.
- Please note that since this is a javascript file, it can not connect to a database and therefore this script does not process form information. If you need help with a form handling php script, please contact me at JJStevens17atgmail

Live Prview:
Download - EasyAjax Form    
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wordpress sports temlate
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Travel Blues -WordPress Theme

Travel Blues -WordPress Theme
Travel Blues -WordPress Theme

wordpres travels temlate download    
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City and Suburban -WordPress Theme

wordpres city temlate download    

Cometchat 1.5 Se Integrated - Sripts

Cometchat 1.5 Se Integrated - Sripts


Download: (Megauplaod)

Download: (Digzip)

this cometchat fully integarted with SE 3.17 , 3.18 , 3.19 ( tested and working 100% )    
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BlaB! Lite 4 [Ajax + PHP + mysql / SQLite / PostgreSQL]

BlaB! Lite 4 [Ajax + PHP + mysql / SQLite / PostgreSQL]

Download: (uploading)

Download: (rapidshare)
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Software Preview (Innovate) - WordPress theme

Software Preview (Innovate) - WordPress theme
Software Preview (Innovate) - WordPress theme

Software Preview (Innovate) is an WordPress theme with options page. Supports the post thumbnails. Suitable for any niche.

Options Page
Post Thumbnails
Featured Content
125×125 banners ready (easy editable from admin options)
Two columns
Gravatar on Comments
Compatible with latest WordPress versions
Widgets Ready
SEO Optimized
Fixed width
Logo .PSD file included in theme folder.
Tested and compatible with all major browsers: IE, FF, Safari
Admin Options Features:

Featured Content
Logo image
125×125 pixels banners
Sidebar Ads/Banners
Header and Footer script codes


Software Preview     Digzip download
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